Hemostasis Laboratory Testing Profiles

Hemostasis Reference Laboratory

Abnormal PT or aPTT Reflexive Evaluation Profile

Additional assays will be performed as indicated.

Extrinsic Factor (abnormal PT) Evaluation Profile

Factor VIII Inhibitor Profile

Factor Inhibitor non-Factor VIII Profile

Fibrinogen Evaluation Profile

Fibrinolysis Evaluation Profile

Lupus Anticoagulant Profile

Abnormal result reflexes to the following tests as indicated.

Complete Platelet Aggregation Profile

Aggregation Panels

  • See: RIPA
    Note: This profile does not include the PFA profile.

Platelet Function Assay (PFA) Profile

VWD Profile

If the aPTT is prolonged and the factor VIII is normal, this panel reflexes to an aPTT Reflexive Evaluation Profile.

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