Student Programs & Educational Initiatives

Make an impact in your community today by participating in one of our student programs. Bloodworks Northwest offers ways for schools, students, and teachers to help serve their communities by aiding in the recruitment of blood donors. You can save lives and earn rewards! Do you want to help make an impact in your community? Get more information on any Student Program by submitting an interest form today!

Student Programs & Educational Initiatives

Make an impact in your community today by participating in one of our student programs. Bloodworks Northwest offers ways for schools, students, and teachers to help serve their communities by aiding in the recruitment of blood donors. You can save lives and earn rewards! Do you want to help make an impact in your community? Get more information on any Student Program by submitting an interest form today!

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Host a School Blood Drive

Did you know that many people donate blood for the first time at a high school blood drive? We work with over 100 schools in Western Washington & Oregon to help students host Virtual Drives, and Take-over days at local donor centers or to host blood drives at their high schools.

Before COVID, our high school donors made up over 20% of all donors during the school year, and we are working towards returning to that number every day!

Interested in learning how to host a blood drive at your school? Reach out to your Community Engagement Liaison.

Other student opportunities include the Stop the Bleed emergency response skills demonstration, learning about Careers at BWNW, or participating in internships or volunteering to apply and develop professional skills within Bloodworks. To find out more about these services, email [email protected].

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Red Honor Cord Program Details

Students who register to donate blood four or more times during their high school or college career can earn a Red Cord to wear during graduation events* to be recognized for their commitment to providing life-saving donations. Donating blood is an opportunity for students to give back through a substantial contribution to the community.

Program Details

  • Seniors must complete the requirement by May 15 (or by the date of their school’s final blood drive of the year, whichever is later).
  • Students can qualify by registering to donate blood at any BWNW sponsored locations, including their high school blood drive(s), community blood drives, or donor centers.
  • Start by downloading the following donation tracking form. Once you have finished your fourth blood donation, scan or take a legible photo of this form and email it to [email protected].

*It is the student’s responsibility to check with their school to confirm if wearing a red cord is acceptable for graduation celebrations.

Scout Service Projects

Bloodworks Northwest is a proud partner with the Eagles Scouts and Girl Scouts of Western Washington. Scouts can host a blood drive or learn about blood donation and educate others to help their community and earn badges.

Eagle Scout Service Program

Host a Bloodworks blood drive as your Eagle Scout service project and together, we will reach your rank requirements to plan, develop, and lead others. You will have a perfect opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and gain valuable project management and leadership experience while positively impacting our community blood supply. That is helping people!


  • To host a blood drive with Bloodworks Northwest (BWNW) as your Eagle Scout Service Project, you must secure approval by the local Boy Scouts of America (BSA) council and follow your project guidelines provided.
  • You must register a minimum of 50 blood donors to consider your project complete.
  • You can host a single Full-Day Takeover or a Two-Week Virtual Drive to complete your project.

Girl Scout Service Program

BWNW has partnered with the Girl Scouts of Western Washington to create a patch program designed for those who are old enough to donate, as well as those who cannot donate blood but who can make a difference by sharing what they learn. Find out more about the Blood: The Gift of Life Patch Program at

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Educational Presentations

Not ready to host blood drives, but want to learn more? Bloodworks Northwest can provide programming geared toward educating students on how they can get involved and learn why donating is important in their local community.

Where the Heart Lives

The Residency + Bloodworks Northwest presents WHERE THE HEART LIVES, a performance program for high school and college youth to spark conversation and inspire mental and physical wellness within themselves and their communities.

Performance Details

In partnership with Bloodworks Northwest, The Residency presents WHERE THE HEART LIVES, a program to spark conversation and provide a call-to-action with high school and college youth across Western Oregon and Western Washington. Each event will include components on mental health and wellness, community engagement, share how students can impact the community’s health through blood donation, and feature live spoken word and musical performances by The Residency’s artists.


  • Appeals to the entire student body–from health and science to the arts and civics
  • Delivers inspiring conversation around mental and emotional health
  • Calls to action students and how to engage in positive community service, including blood donation
  • Educates students on the science of blood donation, and where and how to give
  • Entertains and delivers the message through the amazing talents of spoken word and performances by young, diverse artists
  • Provides opportunity for students to engage in their own testimonials and storytelling
  • Can tie-in to a school’s on-campus or virtual blood drive

To host this program at your school, please contact: Jace Farr, [email protected] or Giselle Lehmann, [email protected]

Media Inquiries: Amir Islam, [email protected]

Vein to Vein

Vein to Vein provides easily accessible and easy-to-understand-educational materials and curriculum for educators to use to teach their students about the importance of blood donation.

Program Details

Vein to Vein makes it easy for educators to implement lesson plans about the importance of blood donation into their curriculum. It will also ensure that students know about careers available in the blood collection field. The turn-key resources are designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards; however, all states can benefit from this module.

Bloodworks Northwest also offers presentation opportunities utilizing medical volunteers who can customize the program for your school’s needs.

Interested in using the Vein to Vein curriculum at your school?

Reach out to your Community Engagement Liaison to get started. Email [email protected] or call 1-800-398-7888.

Student Blood Drive Scholarships & Fundraisers

Students can work individually or in a group to coordinate and manage a successful blood drive to earn money for educational expenses and support school groups.

Students who host blood drives can receive a Certificate of Excellence, as well as leadership and project management experience for their professional portfolio. Blood drives can also be a great way to earn community service hours!

Want to get involved and earn money towards college or for your school group, in addition to participating in your local high school or college blood drives? Interested in learning more?  Submit an interest form.

The Program is Offered During The Following Timeframes

Spring Program 2024 Period:

January 16 – June 2, 2024

Individual Peak Weeks:

March 25 – April 7, 2024 or

May 19 – June 2, 2024

School Group:
March 24 – April 7, 2024

Summer 2024 Program Period:

Jun 23, 2024 – Sep 8, 2024

Winter 2024/25 Program Period:

Dec 22, 2024 – Jan 5, 2025

Individual Scholarship Details

Students earn scholarship rewards by coordinating a community blood drive and recruiting donors to earn money for college expenses, including tuition, fees, books, or supplies. If you aren’t yet enrolled in college, you’ll earn a voucher that you can redeem at a later time.

School Group* Fundraiser Details

Designed for school groups to host a blood drive while school is out of session or during higher times of need to earn money to use towards group events, fees, expenses, etc.

*School group: An administration-approved and institutionally recognized high school, college, or accredited education institution organization or club consisting of four or more people that is student based and/or focused, tied to a department on campus with oversight from that department, or whose purpose is intended to be a student learning experience.

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Host a scholarship or fundraiser blood drive through one of the following methods:

  • Two-Week Virtual Drive
    • Select two consecutive weeks during the program period to get as many friends, family, co-workers, and peers to come in and donate at ANY Bloodworks donation location during that period.
  • Takeover
    • Select one day to “takeover” any one Donor Center or Bloodworks Blood Drive location and commit to fill a minimum number of appointments for that day.

Before we can schedule your drive, you will need to gather a minimum number of commitments from people who pledge to donate blood at your drive.

For all Education & Leadership options, participants must be at least 16 years of age.  See the Programs’ Official Rules for a complete description.

While not required, we suggest reaching out about hosting a scholarship drive no later than 3-4 weeks before you would like your drive to begin, to make sure all steps are taken to have a successful drive!

Interested in Participating in any of These Programs?

Please fill out the information below and one of our Community Engagement Liaison will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email us at [email protected] or call 1-800-398-7888.

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