Bloodworks Northwest Laboratories

Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL)

Profile Ordering and Charge Policy

The goal of the IRL is to provide the best possible serologic solutions within the most cost efficient format. The creation of testing profiles is intended to aid the clinician and submitting laboratory when the ordering of a single test is not likely to be comprehensive enough to resolve a serologic patient problem. The range and number of tests performed can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the case. Samples with particularly problematic serological findings may require red cell genomic antigen typing. It is IRL policy that if the sample is drawn from a prenatal patient, antibody identification will be done prior to titration studies.  If the requesting facility wishes to impose limitations on any aspect of the IRL handling of the case, a phone call or fax will be required. Should any of the testing ordered appear unnecessary after an initial review, the submitting facility will be informed of procedures not being performed and thus not billed.

The charging policy for these profiles will be consistent with the price of each test as listed on the most current fee schedule. The lab will charge for all testing completed according to the price of each test on the fee schedule unless:

  • There is a limit (time or cost) put on the testing that was exceeded without documented permission.
  • The facility asked to be notified before beginning testing and no call was placed.

Should a sample be submitted, testing begun and then the order is canceled, there will be a sample handling fee applied in lieu of test costs.

The handling fee will also be charged to cover the cost of retrieving retention samples. This is done when ordering the screening of specific segments to find antigen negative RBC units. All units screened will also be billed for the number of antigens typed per the current fee schedule.

The Immunohematology After Hours Surcharge will be applied to any sample that arrives in the IRL during 3rd shift with a directive to start testing on receipt of the sample. This fee does not apply to workups that are started during 2nd shift and carryover to the 3rd shift staff.

It does not apply to samples received on 3rd shift if the ordering facility provides a directive to delay testing until the 1st shift staff arrives. The IRL staff members are required to notify submitting facilities if the charge applies to their request.

Bloodworks Northwest can no longer offer to bill to patients directly or to the patient’s insurance.  For questions, contact the lab manager or supervisor.

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