HLA/Immunogenetics Laboratory Profiles

When a kidney transplant candidate has a medically-suitable potential living donor(s) ( it can be a willing family member(s) or friend(s)) a series of tests are performed to determine compatibility.

The patient and potential donor(s) should be scheduled for initial testing.

The donor(s) is/are ABO-typed to confirm compatibility to the patient.  If compatible, the patient’s serum is crossmatched with lymphocytes from the potential donor(s) and from the patient. If the crossmatch is negative, then the donor(s) is/are HLA-typed.

Recipient Tests Ordered:

Donor(s) Tests Ordered:

  • ABO & Rh typing (for new donors only)
  • Solid Organ Donor ABO & Rh (includes A1 lectin if group A)
  • HLA Class I + II (A,B,C,DR,DQ) Typing (test run only if lymphocyte crossmatch is negative or per request of transplant center)


Initial Evaluation of Recipient and Donor for a Donor Exchange

The recipient typically has either ABO-incompatible or crossmatch-positive living donor(s); no additional testing required for the recipient at initial evaluation.

Donor(s) Tests Ordered:


Testing Details for an Initial Evaluation Workup

  • Specimen Requirements for Patient:
    • Three to five 10cc ACD tubes (yellow top, solution A or B), and One to two 10cc clot tubes (red top)
  • Specimen Requirements for Donor:
    • Three 10cc ACD blood tubes (yellow top, solution A or B).
  • Labeling Requirements:
    • Specimen must have the patient’s first and last name, a collection date and a unique identifier written on the tube.
  • Analytic Time: 5 to 10 business days
  • Testing Schedule:   Monday through Friday

All specimens must be accompanied with  a Request for Testing Form

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