HLA/Immunogenetics Laboratory

Request for Testing (RFT)

Testing is requested via a RFT- HLA/Immunogenetics Form. Forms are located on this Web site or may be ordered through the lab at 206-689-6580. The following information must be completed on the RFT to avoid delay in testing:

  • Patient Identification (must match information on specimen).
  • Physician or authorized individual ordering test.
  • Collection date.
  • To whom the report should be sent.

Bloodworks Northwest can no longer offer to bill to patients directly or to the patient’s insurance.  For questions, contact the lab manager or supervisor.

Labeling Samples
All samples must be properly labeled and information must agree with the identification on the RFT.

  • If a specimen is identified by name, there must also be a numeric identifier which may include Hospital number, SS#, or other coded identifier.
  • A collection date should be on the sample but the sample will still be accepted if the draw information is on the RFT.
  • For ABO tests as part of an initial organ transplant workup: A collection date must be on the sample tubes or the request for testing form.  Date of service is not an acceptable substitute.

Submission and Transporting
Send the specimen together with the completed RFT to Bloodworks Northwest at 921 Terry Avenue, Seattle WA 98104. Samples must be sent in a sealed, leak-proof container marked with a biohazard sticker to comply with the OSHA safety standards. Specimens should be shipped at ambient temperature.

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