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    Test Ordered:

Multiple transfused patients may become alloimmunized to non-self HLA.  This test is used to detect HLA alloantibodies.  Patients who have failed to respond to the two consecutive random donor platelet transfusions may require HLA-selected platelet transfusions.

To inquire about ordering HLA selected community donors, contact the Apheresis Coordinator at (425) 453-5098

Testing Details for HLA Antibody Platelet Support Workup

  • Specimen Requirements for Antibody:
    • One 10cc ACD blood (yellow top, solution A or B)  and one clot tube (red top).
  • Labeling Requirements:
    • Specimen must have the patient’s first and last name, a date of draw and a unique identifier written on the tube.
  • Analytic Time:
    • 2 business days (M-F)
    • STAT- 6 hrs;  performed as requested with POC approval.
      • Expedited testing during regular business hours can be arranged by contacting the lab at 206-689-6580 or can be specified on the accompanying RFT
      • Expedited testing outside of regular business hours must be arranged through Bloodworks Physician On-Call by contacting 206-689-6525

All specimens must be accompanied by a Request for Testing Form

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