Genomics Testing Laboratory

Red Cell Genotyping Ordering Information

Testing is requested via a Genomics Request for Testing (RFT) Laboratory Form.  Form must be fully completed to avoid delay in testing.

Bloodworks Northwest can no longer offer to bill to patients directly or to the patient’s insurance.  For questions, contact the lab manager or supervisor.

Refer to the Table below when making a blood group selection.

Blood Groups Test Selection

Blood Group System Allele(s)
Rhesus Presence of D gene (exon 7; intron4)
Weak D, Partial D
D pseudogene (D negative)
E; e
C; c
D zygosity*
Kell K1 (K); K2 (k); Jsa; Jsb
Duffy Fya; Fyb; GATA box mutation
Kidd Jka; Jkb
MNS M; N; S; s; glycophorin B (GPB expression)
Dombrock Doa; Dob; rare – Hy; Gy; Jo
Red Cell Genotyping for Multiple Blood Groups C/c; E/e; K/k; Jsa/Jsb; Kpa/Kpb; Fya/ Fyb(silencing mutation); Fyx; Jka/Jkb; MN; S/s (silencing S); Lua/Lub; Doa/Dob; Hy+/Hy-; Joa+/Joa-; LWa/LWb; Dia/Dib; Coa/Cob; Sc1/Sc2

Labeling Samples
All samples must be properly labeled and information must agree with the identification on the RFT:

  • If a sample is identified by name, there must also be a numeric identifier which may include Hospital number, SS#, or other coded identifier.
  • A draw date needs to be on the sample and also the RFT.

Submission and Transporting
Send the sample together with the completed RFT to:

Bloodworks Northwest
Genomics Testing Laboratory
921 Terry Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

Samples must be sent in a sealed, leak-proof container marked with a biohazard sticker to comply with OSHA safety standards. Samples should be shipped at ambient temperature. For more information refer to the sample requirements page.

Turn Around Time

  • Many test results can be reported within 72 hours of receipt of the sample.
  • RhD zygosity testing and hemophilia mutations may take up to two weeks.
  • Reports are faxed to the institution. Fax number must be provided.

Your gift of blood, time or money saves lives.