Dabigatran Level

Also Known as (Alias) Pradaxa
Indications Testing plasma level of dabigatran, an anticoagulant.  A therapeutic range has not been determined.  Levels measured in patients on therapy vary widely.  If assessing steady-state levels, measurement at trough is recommended.
Method Dilute Thrombin Time
Test Information Dilute Thrombin Time using human thrombin and pooled normal plasma used to quantitate Dabigatran (Pradaxa) in citrated plasma.
Sample Requirements Whole Blood:  3.2% Sodium Citrated (blue top)  OR
Frozen Plasma
Requested Volume Two 5 ml 3.2 sodium citrated (blue top) tubes as whole blood  OR
Frozen plasma in 4 X 1mL aliquots in plastic tubes
Sample Information Whole blood is preferred for testing but if it is not possible to send whole blood tubes TO ARRIVE HERE WITHIN 3 HOURS of collection then send frozen plasma.  To prepare plasma centrifuge blue top tubes at 1500g for 15 minutes and remove the plasma and centrifuge a second time at 1500g for an additional 15 minutes.  Aliquot approximately 1 ml of plasma into 4 plastic tubes, and freeze.
Shipping Information Whole Blood:  Send at ambient temperature (18-25C) and must be received within the lab in less than or equal to 3 hours after collection.

Frozen Plasma:  send on dry ice

Send samples to:
Bloodworks Northwest
Attn: Hemostasis Laboratory
921 Terry Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

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Requisition Form RFT- Hemostasis Reference Laboratory
Transaction Code 3220-16
CPT Codes 80299
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