D-Dimer (Quantitative)

Profile or Test Panel
DIC Panel
Fibrinolysis Evaluation Profile
Bleeding Diathesis with a Normal aPTT/PT Profile
Method Turbidometric
Test Information D-dimer is a specific degradation product of factor XIII-crosslinked fibrin. A monoclonal antibody that recognizes cross-linked D-dimer fragments is used in a semi-quantitative latex agglutination assay. The D-dimer assay is more specific for fibrin degradation than the FDP assay, which detects degradation products of both soluble fibrinogen as well as crosslinked fibrin. D-dimer levels can be elevated in disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), liver disease, or venous thromboembolic disease. The presence of rheumatoid factor can result in a false positive D-dimer.
Additional Test Information Normal ranges are included on testing report and can be made available upon request.
Sample Requirements Whole Blood: 3.2% sodium citrated (blue top) OR
frozen plasma.
Requested Volume Two 5 ml 3.2% sodium citrated (blue top) tubes as whole blood OR frozen plasma in 4 X 1mL aliquots in plastic tubes.
Minimum Volume or Pediatric Volume Frozen Plasma: at least 0.5ml in 2 plastic tubes.
Sample Information Whole blood is preferred for testing, but if it is not possible to send whole blood tubes TO ARRIVE HERE WITHIN 2 HOURS of collection, then send frozen plasma. To prepare plasma centrifuge blue top tubes at 1500g for 15 minutes and remove the plasma and centrifuge a second time at 1500g for an additional 15 minutes. Aliquot approximately 1 ml of plasma into 4 plastic tubes, and freeze.
Shipping Information Whole Blood: Send at ambient temperature (18-25°C) and must be received within the lab in less than or equal to 2 hours after collection.

Frozen Plasma: Send on dry ice

Send samples to:
Bloodworks Northwest
Attn: Hemostasis Laboratory
921 Terry Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

For additional information, please see Ordering Information.

Requisition Form RFT- Hemostasis Reference Laboratory
Transaction Code 3210-27
CPT Codes 85379
Test Schedule Monday – Friday
Turn around Time (analytic time) 10 Business Days
Report/Results Fax number required to receive report.

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