Blood Type O

O Positive and O Negative are two of the most critical blood types that support patients in our local hospitals.

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As the most common of the 8 blood types, O+ is always needed given the frequent use by hospitals.

In an emergency, it is the first blood type in use!

O+ helps patients with AB+, A+, B+, and O+ blood types.

Your blood type is ideal for a Super Reds donation. You donate just red blood cells through an apheresis (ay-fur-ee-sis) donation. This donation results in twice as many red cells for patients, and it allows you to come in to donate two times a year with the same impact as donating whole blood six times a year. Give it a try at your next appointment.


O- is the universal blood type.

This means that any patient with any of the 8 blood types can receive O- to help through treatments or trauma accidents. In fact, this blood type is carried on medical helicopters for immediate use.

O- people can only receive O- blood which makes this blood type extremely important.

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