Together for a Cure

THANK YOU FOR BEING A DEDICATED SERUM DONOR. We want to let you know that at this time we will not be scheduling any more serum collections for the foreseeable future.

Your contributions have been integral to this research project – using blood serum to support the growth of immune cells that may effectively target cancers or infections – and thanks to all of our dedicated donors like yourself, we have met the current need for this blood product.

When you are eligible, we encourage you to continue donating blood, either for hospitals in our community or for research!

Please visit our donation page to find more information about all of the blood donation opportunities at Bloodworks Northwest, as well as appointment scheduling.

For information specifically about donating blood for research with Bloodworks Northwest, please visit Donate blood for research.

Thank you again for being a blood donor and for making a difference in the study of treatments for cancer, infection, and other diseases!

For more information

Phone: (206) 689-6341
Email: [email protected]


Phone: 206-689-6341
Email: [email protected]

Your gift of blood, time or money saves lives.