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Item Description
Haemobank® Eligible (applies on to those facilities with a Haemobank®)

Patient has an ABO/Rh and a current, negative type and screen for red cell antibodies with no history of antibodies. An electronic crossmatch is performed and red cells are assigned from the Haemobank® at the time of administration order.

When red cell antibodies are identified, then the patient is not Haemobank® eligible. A serologic crossmatch is performed and the unit assigned and issued from BloodworksNW transfusion service.

Note: Patients that require special components such as Washed, Hemoglobin S negative, Autologous, or Directed RBC units are not eligible for Haemobank®; however these units (except washed) will be stored in the Haemobank after issue from BloodworksNW transfusion service.

Hold Sample Pretransfusion specimen collected when future blood transfusions are a remote possibility.  The specimen is delivered to the laboratory but no testing is performed. Having a specimen in the laboratory improves turnaround time should a Type and Screen or blood components be needed.
Type and Screen Pretransfusion specimen collected for laboratory testing to determine the patient’s ABO, Rh, and red cell antibody status, If the red cell antibody screen is positive, an antibody identification procedure is performed.
Type and Crossmatch Pretransfusion specimen collected that includes a type and screen and a compatibility test.  When a component containing a significant number of red blood cells (i.e., RBCs, and granulocytes) is ordered, this testing is automatically completed. Patients with red cell antibodies require a serological crossmatch and may require a selection of antigen- negative units. These additional procedures may increase processing time.
Applies only to RBCs and granulocytes where crossmatching is performed. Will expire 3 full days after the day of sample collection. Example, sample collected on a Monday, expires at 23:59 on Thursday.
Unit Expiration

Time at which the component is no longer deemed safe to transfuse. This time varies based on the kind of component.

30 minute expiration: Refrigerated components (RBCs and Plasma) must be returned to hospital laboratory within 30 minutes in order to maintain proper temperature
4 hour expiration : Refrigerated components (RBCs and Plasma) must be transfused within four hours of removal from refrigeration

Blood Component

All blood components are stored in the hospital laboratory until requested for release. Blood components must never be stored in a patient care unit medication or food refrigerator.

For emergency bleeding events, where multiple units are required, the units should be stored in an approved portable blood bank refrigerator/validated cooler.

In order to maintain proper temperature, if not transfused just after issue, refrigerated components (RBCs and Plasma) must be returned to hospital laboratory within 30 minutes to avoid wastage.

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