Solid Organ Donor ABO & Rh (A1 lectin if group A) RF11

Indications Determination of potential solid organ donor’s ABO group and Rh type. A1 lectin will be performed on group A donors to categorize them as a potential A subgroup.
Method Standard test tube methodology, Hemagglutination, lectin
Sample Requirements EDTA tube. Serum separator gel tube is not acceptable.
Requested Volume 1 full 7ml EDTA sample
Minimum Volume or Pediatric volume 1 full 7ml EDTA sample
Sample Information Alternate tube: 1 red top tube or ACDA (light yellow top)
Shipping Information Ship at ambient temperature

Send samples to:
Bloodworks Northwest
Immunohematology Reference Laboratory
921 Terry Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

Requisition Form Request for Testing-Immunohematology Reference Laboratory
Transaction Code 3103-00
CPT Codes 86900 & 86901
Test Schedule Monday through Sunday
Turn around Time (analytic time) STAT: 2 hours after receipt in laboratory
Report/ Results Fax number required to receive report

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