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Also Known as (Alias) Multiplex NAT
HCV/HIV/HBV Nucleic Acid Test (qualitative PCR)
Indications Blood donor screening
Stem Cell donor screening
Cord Blood donor screening
Organ donor testing
Cadaveric testing
*Assay is not intended for diagnostic use
Method Roche cobas 6800/8800 Systems (Living Donor Samples);
Roche cobas TaqScreen MPX v2.0 (Cadaveric Samples).
Test Information Nucleic Acid tests for the detection of HCV, HIV –1 (including HIV group O), and HBV in plasma specimen.
Additional Test Information When HCV/HIV/HBV NAT is ordered, HCV, HIV and HBV are tested together using a Multiplex assay (MPX) on individual specimens. Therefore, it is not possible to order one assay without the other.
Sample Requirements For Living Donor Samples: Dedicated EDTA or Clot (serum) tube for HCV/HIV/HBV NAT

For Cadaveric Donor Samples: Clot (serum) tube is required.

Requested Volume 6 mL
Minimum Volume or Pediatric volume 3 mL
Sample Information Additional information for acceptable sample types and storage conditions
Shipping Information Samples are acceptable for 3 days (living) or 2 days (cadaveric) at a combination of room temperature (≤ 25°C) and at 2-8°C.

To extend sample acceptability refer to additional information at Sample Acceptability for Nucleic Acid Testing .

Requisition Form Donor Testing RFT
Transplant Infectious Disease Testing Request (Contact the Donor Testing Laboratory @ 425-656-7907)
Transaction Code HCV: 3077-05
HIV: 3077-07
HBV: 3078-06
CPT Codes 87801
Test Schedule 7 days per week
Turn around Time (analytic time) 1200 PM Next Day; STAT testing available for organ transplantation
Report/ Results Positive, Negative

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