Complement-fixing HLA Antibody Monitoring DSA-STAT

Profile or Test Panel Post Transplant Testing
Also Known as (Alias) Donor-specific complement-fixing HLA Antibody, DSA-C1q
Indications Solid Organ Post Transplant
Method Flow Cytometry using microparticles (“beads”) coated with recombinant or soluble HLA antigens
Test Information Purpose of the test is to monitor patients after transplant for the presence and level of complement-fixing antibodies to the donor’s HLA antigens.  The test is semi-quantitative.
Sample Requirements Clotted blood or Serum
Requested Volume One 7-10 ml tube of clotted blood (red top)
Minimum Volume or Pediatric volume 2ml clotted blood
Shipping Information Send sample at ambient temperature; must be received in lab within 10 days of blood draw

Send sample to:
Bloodworks Northwest
Immunogenetics/HLA Laboratory
921 Terry Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

For additional information please see Ordering Information

Requisition Form RFT- Immunogenetics/HLA  Laboratory
Transaction Code 3083-22
CPT Codes 86834, 86835
Test Schedule As needed
Turn around Time (analytic time) 6 hours
Report/ Results Faxed or emailed based on institution preference

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