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Service In Grant BloodworksNW Academic & Federal Commercial
Sample Preparation
Reduction/alkylation/digestion of protein in solution (trypsin)

Other enzymes cost more

$15/ea $30/ea $50/ea $100/ea
Reduction/alkylation/digestion of protein in gel band (trypsin)

Other enzymes cost more

$30/ea $30/ea $100/ea $200/ea
Sample purification by Ultrafiltration Spin-Columns $10/ea $10/ea $15/ea $20/ea
Sample desalting by zip-Tip or C18 cartridge $15/ea $15/ea $20/ea $30/ea
Metabolites extraction $20/ea $40/ea $50/ea $60/ea
Internal standard for quantitation Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
Instrument Use
Protein Identification via LC or nanoLC-MS/MS $40/h $60/h $90/h $120/h
Protein Profiling via nanoLC-MS/MS
(Shotgun Proteomics)
$40/h $60/h $90/h $120/h
Quantitation via LC-QTrap6500 $30/Inj $60/Inj $80/Inj $120/Inj
Data Process
Data Search $10 $30/ea $50/ea $60/ea
Data Analysis $10 $50/hr $100/hr $200/hr
Consulting $0 $50/hr $100/hr $300/hr

 10% discount (20 or more samples submitted together) will apply to the final charge

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